The environment

We share your concern for the environment. That's why we constantly examine our business to improve our environmental friendliness.

The environment is one of our top priorities
From our Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) Excellent-rated premises in Dursley, Gloucestershire to biodegradable cleaning fluids, the environment is one of our top priorities. Here are some of the things that help us look after the environment:
  • Biodegradable washing products.
  • Outgoing sluice water is regularly tested for continued compliance with pH requirements.
  • We use computer-controlled dosing pumps for precise delivery of detergents, bleaches, starch and emulsifiers.
  • Intelligent washing machine controls adjust the amount of cleaning products for a given load weight.
  • Our building was built to the BREEAM design and assessment method for sustainable buildings.
  • We are investigating rainwater recovery.
  • We operate a fleet of modern, carefully-driven diesel vehicles.
  • Central location in our operating area supports economical deliveries and collections.
  • Optimised collection and delivery routing minimises mileage covered and fuel consumed.
Supporting your environmental position Because we take an environmentally-aware approach to commercial cleaning, you can be sure we're supporting your environmental position too.
Together, we're contributing to lower energy consumption and protection of the environment, while delivering the fresh, clean linens that your business requires.
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